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Contest time! Win a boss fz-5 fuzz pedal!

Are you good at coming up with catchy, clever names? Yes? Then, boy do we have the perfect contest for you!

J-Gabz has been conducting a series of Q&A sessions where he takes questions submitted to him either on our YouTube comments sections, or from many of the various social media groups we belong to on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. (By the way, if you aren't already, FOLLOW US on social media for all the latest).

But all these questions eat up brain power! So much so that there's none left to try and come up with a clever name for this series.

That is where you come in. Come up with a super catchy title or name for this Q&A Series and you can win a Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal (MSRP $175.00USD)!

Right now, we are going with a working title of, "You Have Questions, I Might Have Answers."

Yeah, definitely NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

So, we need your help! Submit your title ideas either on our social media accounts or in any of our video comment sections. That's all you have to do! Of course, make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn -and- also be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This contest ends when J-Gabz picks a title. Easy-peasy! What are you waiting for!


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