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Owner of 14 guitars, and with nearly 30 years of experience playing them, Joey Gabra, a.k.a. J-Gabz, has recorded, performed, composed, and taught guitar at some of the highest levels and in countless styles and genres including, jazz, blues, country, folk, rock, metal, punk, ska, pop, and a whole lot more. He is the Founder and Executive Producer of all things Audio Epidemic. He is also the Marketing Director and Director of Photography.

J-Gabz has studied music composition for film and television as well as toured as a singer in a barbershop quartet. He also plays the ukulele, bass, piano, banjo, and mandolin.

When not shredding, Joey is a digital marketing guru, photographer, podcast host of The WisDumb Podcast (with KMKanDrum), entrepreneur, and proud husband and father of three wonderful kids.

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KMKanDrum 2019 Bash.jpg

Kelly Kusumoto, a.k.a. KMKanDrum is the Co-Producer, Video-Editor, and Graphic Designer for Audio Epidemic and has known J-Gabz for over 25 years. In that span, they have been in countless bands together playing various styles of music both on stage and in the recording studio. Kelly has been drumming since 1993 and started his own YouTube channel, KMKanDrum back in 2016. He has been a graphic designer since 1995 and graduated from Full Sail University in 2015 with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment where he was valedictorian and voted "Most likely to succeed," by his professors.

When not editing video or banging away at the traps, Kelly plays ice hockey, is a game, screen, and travel writer, a co-host of The WisDumb Podcast (with J-Gabz), and a proud husband and father of his young daughter.

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"sex on the second floor" (2000)

featuring j-gabz & kmkandrum

self-titled 5-song ep (1998)

featuring j-gabz & kmkandrum

immaculate mess
"Sign of the times"

featuring j-gabz

out of grey
self-titled album

featuring j-gabz & kmkandrum

beggar's ride
"Lie to me" (2003)

featuring j-gabz & kmkandrum

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